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From an-depth look at transgender men’s experiences in prison to Olympic diver Tom Daley’s viral knitting, here are 21 of our most clicked on LGBTQ news stories of the year.
Vermont educator Jen Ellis uses her mittens to raise money for LGBTQ youth and show people the power of generosity. (Jan. 30)
Tuft said she wants to “create empathy” by talking openly about her transition on social media and in a new podcast. (Feb. 5)
Nearly 16 percent of Generation Z, those 18 to 23 in 2020, consider themselves something other than heterosexual, according to a Gallup poll. (Feb. 24)
Bisexual women’s health and well-being may be affected by the gender and sexual orientation of their partner, according to a study published in the Journal of Bisexuality. (March 6)
“They provide a safe space, a place for camaraderie, a place for community and, of course, a place to get laid,” actor Lea DeLaria said of queer women’s bars. (April 4)
Texas mom Amber Briggle said moving would be hard for her family, but “my son always comes first.” (April 19)
An exhibit at the New-York Historical Society features rarely seen photos of the LGBTQ community enjoying the freedom offered by Fire Island’s Cherry Grove, one of America’s first gay beach towns. (May 14)
“My win is our win. We just made history. Happy Pride,” Miss Nevada USA Kataluna Enriquez said. (June 19)
The movie, starring Mark Wahlberg, tells the complicated story of a father who wanted to memorialize his gay son while also spreading a message of acceptance. (July 22)
Following Canada’s upset win over the U.S. women’s soccer team, the nonbinary sports star paved a path to Olympic history. (Aug. 2)
British diver Tom Daley has fueled a huge resurgence in knitting, with his latest creations going to a good cause. (Aug. 5)
“We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family,” the Transportation Secretary announced on Twitter. (Sept. 4)
Mark Bingham, a rugby player, reportedly confronted hijackers on United Flight 93, and the Rev. Mychal Judge died tending to victims at the World Trade Center. (Sept. 11)
Some departments are doing so voluntarily, while others are being required to do so following lawsuits. (Sept. 25)
Actor Daniel Craig, best known for playing James Bond, says he used to frequent gay bars. Reactions in the LGBTQ community were mixed. (Oct. 15)
From the Emperor Ai of China’s Han Dynasty to Sweden’s Queen Christina, here are notable leaders who crossed sexual and gender boundaries. (Oct. 18)
Levine was appointed to lead the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, making her the nation’s first openly transgender four-star officer. (Oct. 19)
The founder of the LGBTQ nonprofit Campus Pride said the list is the longest it’s ever been. (Oct. 25)
High school senior and TikTok sensation Zachary Willmore said being crowned homecoming queen showed people “really do care” about him. (Nov. 13)
Transgender men say they are often harassed, denied medically necessary care and “forced to be someone” they’re not while incarcerated. (Dec. 3)
Lawyers who argued for LGBTQ rights in those landmark cases — Obergefell v. Hodges and Lawrence v. Texas — were conflicted on the validity of Justice Kavanaugh’s argument about abortion restrictions. (Dec. 3)
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Brooke Sopelsa is the editorial director of NBC Out, NBC News’ LGBTQ digital destination. 


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