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Jul 28, 2022, 17:21 ET
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Memre enables 1PL8 learning subscribers to more effectively retain health and food information and provide improved impact of content for better bodily health.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Memre, the world’s leading provider of AI-based learning and memory technologies, has been selected by 1PL8 as the platform to build its new subscription-based learning program targeting the nation’s obesity problem.

The United States is suffering from an obesity epidemic. Weights and poor health have climbed in recent years spurred by a number of factors. According to the CDC, from 1999–2000 through 2017–March 2020, US obesity prevalence increased from 30.5% to 41.9%. First is the increasing reliance on packaged foods which can include a lot of non-natural preservatives, sugars, and other substances. Second is the growth of fast food. In a 2015-2018 study, the CDC discovered that the percentage of calories from fast food in children and adolescents decreased from 14.1% in 2003–2004 to 10.6% in 2009–2010, and then increased to 14.4% in 2017–2018.
To rectify those alarming trends, 1PL8 believes that a comprehensive culinary and food health and wellness education program can help change people’s behavior and their relationship with food.
"People have been so focused on diet trends, magic pills, or quick fixes, that they have lost sight of the importance of good, quality food," says Rich Rosado, CEO and Executive Chef at 1PL8. "1PL8 has designed a curriculum that identifies the causes of health and wellness struggles. 1PL8 subscribers will learn how to use food and culinary techniques as well as psychology and behavioral change factors that cause certain triggers and barriers in relation to food."
By using Memre,the industry-leading, AI-powered learning platform, 1PL8 can provide users with more effective learning, recommending specific days and times to take courses, and applying learning concepts for optimal retention and impact. In addition to improving retention, Memre can also help 1PL8 students track their progress, identify areas where they need more education, and ultimately improve the success rate of long-term health and weight improvement.  
"Customers like 1PL8 demonstrate how Memre can enable companies to power, enhance, and create subscription-based learning offerings," says Jon-David Hague at Memre. "They can develop content entirely through the Memre platform and take advantage of the powerful AI-based technologies that help to optimize and personalize the learning experience for each subscriber."
Customers like 1PL8 can employ the Memre learning management system to develop engaging and interactive online courses which can be offered through a subscription-based platform. Many of Memre’s powerful AI-based features can be accessed programmatically. Enterprises and other learning management systems can employ a suite of APIs to integrate Memre into their employee portals or course-building platforms.
Memre is an adaptive learning platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale proven cognitive science and make learning possible for anyone. The proprietary learning engine at the heart of the platform continuously adapts and enhances the learning experience to meet every individual’s needs, while predictive analytics deliver actionable data to educators and managers. By improving the learning experience, Memre aims to unlock the promise of education and training, ultimately helping people reach their full potential. For more information about Memre visit: www.memre.ai
The 1PL8 Culinary Health and Wellness™ program allows consumers to personalize their wellness and weightloss journey. As professional chefs and skilled educators, 1PL8 differentiates itself from other wellness-focused organizations by focusing on healthy cooking techniques and food substitutions, rather than gimmicky diet programs, as well as help manage emotions while identifying and preventing personal triggers that foster a poor relationship with food, 1PL8 is the best program for consumers to get healthy and lose weight in an easy, sustainable, and culturally respectful manner. For more information about 1PL8, visit: www.1pl8.com.
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