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Mar. 17, 2022 12:18 pm
Encourage healthy behavior for your employees.
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Like most startups, we’re often working long hours, and at quick speed. So we really needed to implement some sort of wellness program from the get-go to balance stress-levels, and build team camaraderie. To add to that, with our office being based in a busy city, we really wanted to promote healthy behaviors to counter the sedentary lifestyles that we are all (unfortunately) used to!
Some of the specific wellness perks that we’ve rolled out are rewards for staying active, wellness challenges, and our own health newsletter that is personalized for each employee. We’re also obsessive about tracking how our wellness program is going; our team usually logs well over 15,000 miles walked per year. Asides from wellness rewards programs, we also have perks like flex time that let people be able to shift a few working hours each week so that they can take a mental break, or go catch up with a friend.
That being said, wellness is something that any company can incorporate into their culture. There are countless benefits of promoting health and wellness in the workplace, but here are a few of the main ones:
All of the points above sound like a human resource professional’s dream outcome, but you might be a bit lost as to how you can pull off this culture reform. So, here’s a list of 17 ways that you can get started on promoting a culture of health and wellness at your startup.
Our food has a direct impact on our performance, and productivity. Generally people are not educated about healthy eating habits, so here are a few ways to do that:
Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. It’s easy to understand your employees’ health, proactively using these measures:
Many employers offer fitness memberships as a part of their fringe benefits, and employees love making use of these. Oftentimes, employers can even get tax incentives for offering fitness memberships to their employees.
At IncentFit, our team members are rewarded for every visit they make to a fitness facility.
One of the easiest ways to reduce stress in your workplace is to offer employees a safe outlet to share their stress, and grievances. Gaining access to a help line may lend a hand in reducing workplace stress.
Adapting the workplace and work tools to employees’ physiological needs is a great way to reduce repetitive strain injuries. This is especially important for white collar work environments.
We provide all of our team members with convertible desks, so that they can choose between standing or sitting whenever they’d like.
Stress is natural, and just a part of being a human. Stress can arise from the workplace, or even personal circumstances. Actively promoting stress management techniques will not only promote a culture of proactive wellness, but also help employees develop healthy stress management habits.
Exercise improves oxygen, and nutrient intake, as well as helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. It is also an awesome way to reduce stress. You can make exercise exciting by hosting accessible and safe exercise challenges, or even incentivize exercise for employees.
We’ve got wellness perks at our company that let our team members get paid to walk, run, jog, bike, etc. This way folks are incentivized to build healthy habits!
Members of the IncentFit team on Zoom. (Courtesy image)
Sleep plays a crucial role in good health, and well-being for everyone. Shoddy sleep habits can significantly impact job performance as well. It may be beneficial to bring in a sleep expert who can share guidance with the team on healthy sleep habits.
Correcting negative language, or information about mental health can be the first step toward reducing mental health stigma. These past few years have been a challenge for everyone, and maintaining a healthy attitude towards mental health will go a long way in promoting a healthy workplace culture.
Humans are social beings, so collaboration is absolutely essential for our mental health, and wellbeing. Here are a few ways to promote collaboration:
Providing help to individuals who are trying to quit tobacco use through a smoking cessation program will be a great way to help those who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.
In this era of remote work, employee connectedness is more important than ever. Here are some best practices to do so:
Employers need to create a healthy culture of taking time off. Here are a few ways to do so:
Volunteering or donating can instill a sense of gratitude and generosity in your workplace culture. Also, giving back is an awesome de-stressor. Here are a few ways to encourage philanthropic practices:
Morale is negatively impacted by things like workload, support (or lack thereof), views of leadership, and employee recognition. Here are some expert-suggested methods for boosting morale:
Sometimes spending too much time close to a project, problem, or any work related task can inhibit productivity and increase stress. Pets remind people to pause, and take a step back to relax. Could your company offer pet insurance as a perk?
This is the major strategy behind promoting a culture of health and wellness at your organization, where it becomes a part of the company DNA. By creating a robust wellness program, you are helping your employees develop healthy habits, and avoid health complications that can lead to chronic diseases.
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