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Is your agency ready for the NIBRS migration? Find out!
Is your agency ready for the NIBRS migration? Find out!
From the tantalizing to the practical, these must-listens have something for everyone

If 2022 is anything like 2021, you’ll undoubtedly need some smart, thoughtful and funny podcast hosts to get you through the year. Whether you’re a diehard podcast fan or a curious newcomer, this is the place to start.
We know you already listen to Police1’s own podcast, Policing Matters, but that still leaves plenty of room to expand your audio diet. So without further ado, here are 12 podcasts to help you survive 2022.
Take a listen to some of our ideas below and scroll down for detailed descriptions of each.
1. Countdown to Capture
For the true crime junkie who needs a new ‘Serial’ fix
Produced by the Newport Beach Police Department, this podcast gets the scoop straight from the source. Need we say more?
2. Officer Down Memorial Podcast
To remember those who have served and lost their lives
In each episode, the Officer Down Memorial Podcast commemorates a police life lost by honoring their memory and reflecting on the tragic events that led to their death.
3. Things Police See
For anyone looking for real stories from real cops
Former Massachusetts police officer Steve Gould interviews LEOs about their most intense moments on the job. The officers recall shocking, humorous and terrifying, moments. You couldn’t make these stories up if you tried.
4. Public Safety Talk Radio
For the public safety professional looking for a little advice
Married couple Scott and Liz Brown host this podcast for everyone in public safety, LEOs, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and corrections officers. Their podcast focuses on topics designed to help the audience in one or more of what they call the “Four Pillars of Soundness”: financial, physical, emotional and professional.
5. Police K9 Radio
For the K-9 handler in your life
Hosts Gregg Tawney and Rich Hartman have a combined 30 years of K-9 handling experience. Together they interview some of the top trainers and experts in the police K-9 community while sharing their insights and experiences.
6. Leadership in Law Enforcement
For the student at heart
Whether you’re a rookie, veteran, informal or formal leader in a police organization, you must continue to evolve if you are going to be successful. On this podcast, Knoxville (Tenn.) Police Chief Aaron Fuller interviews police leaders from around the country to learn best practices, tips and tricks.
7. The Guns & Yoga Podcast
For the cop looking to find balance between work and home
Wendy Hummel has 25 years of law enforcement of experience, is an LEO spouse, and is a mother and wellness enthusiast. Her podcast explores the intersection between the impact a first responder career can have on responders and their families, and the importance of maintaining a holistic lifestyle.
8. Warden’s Watch
For lovers of the great outdoors
Retired game warden Wayne Saunders brings you stories from game wardens across the world. Listen to their favorite cases, worst cases, what led them to their career and what makes their job unique.
9. Stop the Killing
For anyone who wants to stop mass shootings
Former head of the FBI’s Active Shooter program Katherine Schweit gives listeners the insider’s look at what happened and what went wrong in some of the world’s worst mass shootings. Schweit and co-host Sarah Ferris leave scare-tactics and politics at the door while empowering listeners to help stop the killing.
10. First Responder Psychological Support
For everyone
Sarah Gura is a licensed clinical professional counselor who specializes in treating first responders. Sarah discusses a variety of self-care topics for law enforcement and other first responders, from everything to meditation and anxiety to medications and the male ego.
11. Police Fit
For anyone who wants to make their New Year’s resolution a sustainable habit
Australian firefighter, personal trainer, former police officer and military veteran Bradley Williams wants to get cops fit. Williams uses his first-hand knowledge of fitness in policing to help others achieve their goals while juggling odd shifts and incident-related stress.
12. Pension Attention
For cops who want to plan ahead (and also those who don’t, but should)
Pension Attention is a show dedicated to helping police officers and firefighters take charge of their finances to build a life they love. Host Brad Barret is a Managing Director and Partner at One Capital Management and has advised families in the Los Angeles Fire Department for over 12 years.
Can’t decide? We’ve also curated a suggested playlist so that you can listen uninterrupted. Follow this playlist on Spotify here.

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