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For that person on your list who’s always closing their Apple Watch rings.
Even as a wellness editor whose drawers and closets are overflowing with fitness tools, sleep trackers, recovery devices, adaptogen powders, supplements… (I’ll stop, but you get the idea) I can’t help but pine for The Newest Cool Thing on the shelves. Whether it’s a souped-up wearable, a CBD-spiked functional beverage, or a piece of workout equipment, I simply must try e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g — even if I already have another version of whatever it is I’m eyeing.
As I scour the best health and wellness gifts of 2022 for my own wish list, I’m doing us both a favor by putting them into a curated roundup. You know that friend who had a Theragun before you ever knew what percussive massage therapy was? And that person in your family who’s always bragging about their step count and heart rate variability? (Maybe the answer to both is you.) That’s the person who will be extra excited to receive items from this wellness-focused gift guide.
This year’s findings, IMO, are particularly cool. There’s a running sneaker with a 3D-printed sole, an at-home workout set that’s not an eyesore, an actually-comfortable sports bra, and more — keep scrolling to see the 11 best-of-the-best health and wellness gifts of 2022.
Bath lovers have never met a soak like this one before. Higher Dose’s potent bath salts contain French green clay, apple cider vinegar, magnesium, algae, and yummy-smelling essential oils which all go to work on relaxing your body. After soaking in the blend, you’ll feel like you’re floating — that’s largely thanks to magnesium, which helps relieve sore muscles while boosting your sense of calm.
You can pick from so many non-alcoholic cocktails these days, but this one is truly exceptional. Not only was it created by a James Beard honoree and master mixologist, but it tastes really good — and it chills you out. It’s hemp-based and has notes of yuzu, dandelion, cucumber, basil, and rosemary, making for a refreshing citrus drink you’ll love to sip on.
It’s a universal truth: A good night’s sleep is the secret to a good day. Improve the quality of your time between the sheets with these citrus-flavored sleep supplements from OLLY. These quick-dissolving tablets contain melatonin, echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C for the two-for-one sleep and immunity boost you’ve been waiting for. P.S. They’re sugar-free!
Get you an eye mask that does more: Therabody’s latest creation are these Smart Goggles, which help relieve headaches and eye strain from staring at screens all day. Slip them on and start a session using one or all of its modalities — heat, vibration, and massage — for a relaxing break that leaves you more calm, cool, and collected.
You know Bala for its Insta-worthy wrist and ankle weights, but the brand also makes other fitness tools in its signature chic way. Get everything you need for the YouTube workouts you stream at home with this four-piece kit, featuring wrist and ankle weights, a set of dumbbells, the Bala Beam, and a Pilates ring — and yes, you can pick the color.
I’ve yet to find a sports bra that checks all the boxes, but this baby has finally upgraded my activewear wardrobe. It offers ventilation and just the right amount of support. Most importantly, however, it’s antimicrobial and has an anti-irritation elastic band… which means you’re not left with a rash or chest pimples after you sweat.
I’m all about multitasking supplements (especially since I hate having to swallow so many pills), which is why I highly recommend this one that offers inside-out benefits. Anti-inflammatory curcumin helps support healthier joints, antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract boosts your gut and skin health, and biotin and hyaluronic acid go to work on your skin, hair, and nails — so it’s a win on multiple fronts.
This version of Adidas’ classic Ultraboost sneaks features a 3D-printed midsole that propels you forward with every step. Yeah, it’s some pretty futuristic shiz. They feel so light and cushy on your foot, allowing you to quite literally glide through any run or hot girl walk you go on.
I’ve tried all sorts of arnica and CBD-infused topicals in the quest for pain relief, and none hold a candle to this one. It comes in an easy-to-use stick form, smells lovely (thanks to magnolia and bergamot) rather than medicinal, and feels cool to the touch. Most importantly, though, is that it quickly quashes any body aches you might be dealing with.
You could ingest CBD as an oil or a gummy, sure — but why not take it in the form of a salted caramel bonbon? Each chocolate-y treat contains 20 mg of CBD, so you’re getting a nice dose of blissed-out goodness and a delicious dessert all at once. Yes, please.
Amazon’s Halo View is a pretty souped-up tracker with a relatively modest price tag. It allows you to keep tabs on your step count, heart rate, activity points, sleep score, and blood oxygen levels, all while being able to access your text messages and music on the watch. Also key? When you purchase the band, you get a free one-year membership that grants you access to workouts, nutrition coaching, and more.
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