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Each time a customer enters a Wellness Warehouse, they have access to a knowledgeable in-store Wellness Warehouse consultant dedicated to assisting them in making lasting positive change according to their lifestyle, goals, and concerns.
The expert consultants hail from a diverse range of modalities within the natural health field – from homeopathy, naturopathy, phytotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine to dietetics, sports science, and somatology, to name a few. All consultants are also trained internally through the Wellness Training Academy.
Customers are encouraged to reach out to Wellness Warehouse Consultants with any queries they may have regarding their holistic wellbeing, from those relating to gut health, immune support, sleep hygiene, and stress management to blood sugar control, inflammation solutions, clean fitness support, plant-based eating, detoxification, or other unique concerns.
What’s more, those who prefer to shop Wellness online can book a free 20-minute consultation with an online Wellness Warehouse consultant. These dedicated, personalised, one-on-one sessions are a unique offering in the health retail industry, and give customers the opportunity to speak to an expert about their health questions and concerns from the comfort of their home or office. Sessions can be booked at the click of a button by visiting the Wellness Warehouse Consultants page at


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