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As part of the bold “NACDS 2023” initiative, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores has issued recommendations for the upcoming White House conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health and for the Biden Administration’s policy agenda on these issues.
Described by the NACDS leadership during the 2022 NACDS Annual Meeting, “NACDS 2023” is a strategic approach that reflects NACDS chain and supplier members’ far-reaching focus on health and wellness through the pharmacy, through multidisciplinary approaches to care, throughout the store and through community collaboration.
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On July 15, NACDS submitted five key recommendations for the White House Conference. The recommendations — which come out of a series of NACDS-led, collaborative listening sessions — reflect diverse experience across the Association’s chain and supplier members, and were developed to help advance the primary goal of the White House conference: to end hunger and increase healthy eating and physical activity by 2030, so that fewer Americans experience diet-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.
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NACDS provided the following recommendations to help achieve the Biden Administration’s goal:
NACDS stated in its recommendations: “Pharmacies continue to be at the forefront of accessible, person-centered healthcare delivery. As demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacies reach vulnerable and diverse populations and play an important role in addressing the most pressing public health problems. We look forward to partnering on the policy ideas outlined. We also have creative ideas on how our industry can partner with the government to advance the nation’s health more broadly and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate on advancing health and addressing disparities in communities nationwide. We want to be a resource to the White House on this initiative and in your preparation for the conference.”
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Through NACDS 2023, the association is looking ahead to new and creative ways to advance health and wellness and to serve the NACDS membership with a focus on the total store and the total person. NACDS said its members are leveraging the unique expertise of pharmacists as both medication experts and broader health and wellness leaders in their communities.
Earlier this year, NACDS backed the Medical Nutrition Therapy Act (S. 1536/H.R. 3108) – introduced in the U.S. Congress in May 2021. The critical legislation — which would enhance the availability of medical nutrition therapy delivered by registered dietitians, including those practicing in the retail setting — reflects NACDS’ commitment to a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to health, wellness and equity.
NACDS also is urging pharmacists to be able to refer their patients for this therapy. The legislation would make medical nutrition therapy available for patients confronting diseases or conditions such as pre-diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, malnutrition, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS and more.
As a next step, NACDS is hosting a related NACDS Institute program at the upcoming 2022 NACDS Total Store Expo in Boston on Saturday, August 27. The event will feature a discussion on opportunities to advance nutrition, health, equity and more.


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