Long Island Cardiologist Offers Tips For Shoveling Snow – Port Jefferson, NY Patch

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PORT JEFFERSON, NY — Shoveling can not only cause minor health woes like sore muscles, but also major cardiac issues and sometimes lead to heart attack, so to minimize health risks Catholic Health Physician Partners cardiologist Dr. Chong Park suggests doing a 10-minute warm-up.
“Light exercise and stretching allow your muscles and joints to loosen,” he said. “Also, avoid eating a heavy meal and consuming alcohol prior to clearing snow.”
Anyone experiencing symptoms like chest pain, chest heaviness, palpitations, or shortness of breath as they shovel, should “stop immediately and seek medical attention,” Park added.
Here’s some more tips from Dr. Chong’s blog:
Additional health and wellness tips can be found by visiting www.chsli.org/health-wellness.


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