Bruce Power completes harvest of medical isotope –

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Bruce Power has completed another harvest of Cobalt-60, a life-saving medical isotope. 
The medical isotopes will now be processed and distributed worldwide by Ottawa-based Nordion to sterilize medical equipment such as syringes, surgical masks, gowns and gloves, as well as in the specialized treatment of breast cancer and brain tumours.
“Bruce Power continues to be a major supplier of Cobalt-60, and now more than ever the world’s health care community needs these life-saving medical isotopes,” said Peter McDermid, Director, Isotopes and Site Energy Development. “Bruce Power has a key role to play in the global supply of Cobalt-60, and we are proud to continue to do our part in supporting the international health care community with these indispensable medical tools.”
Cobalt-60 harvested from Bruce Power’s reactors helps to sterilize 40 per cent of the world’s single-use medical equipment.
The Cobalt-60 harvest occurred during a planned maintenance outage in Unit 5, which is part of the ongoing Life-Extension Program at the Bruce Power site.
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